Sri-Lanka to release 10 Indian fisherman’s boats

by International | 17-06-2018 | 1378 views

Colombo: Sri Lankan navy will release 10 Indian fisherman’s boats that were taken into custody in 2015 and 2016. As per media reports, Sri Lankan Government had, on June 13 sent a letter to the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) stating that they are ready to release 10 boats. 
In 2016, out of the 216 boats, Sri-Lankan government is released around 42 boats. However, the fishermen were only able to retrieve 32 boats as remaining 10 were damaged beyond  repair. Now, the Sri-Lankan government is releasing another 10 boats instead of the ones that were not retrieved in 2017, Colombo page reported.
A team headed by a fisheries official, including fisherman and salvage personnel will be leaving for Sri-Lanka 2 days to retrieve the boats.
As per the demands of the fisherman in the region, remaining 174 boats in the Sri-Lankan custody must be released. Each boat costs Rs.8 to 10 lakh, they added.
“We will go and check the boats in Sri-Lanka but we demand that all our boats in the Sri-Lankan custody be released,” Colombo page quoted Jesuraj, a tamilian fishermen leader saying.
The Sri-Lankan fisherman also suggested that the boats in Sri-Lankan custody either be disposed off or returned to Indian Fishermen.
“These seized boats are docked in our shore and its so difficult for us to go to the sea for fishing. The tied boats tend to move astray and hit with neighboring damaging and docked boat as well as ours,” a Sri-Lankan fisherman was quoted by Colombo Page.

the Indo-Sri Lankan officials are scheduled to meet in Delhi to discuss the problems the Tamil fishermen on July 4.

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