Spain vs Iran

by Sports | 21-06-2018 | 1326 views

The 2010 world cup winners did their best to hide their blushes during their second match against Iran where the Asian team stood toe-toe with the Red Army. Spain had an impressive but expected 69% ball possession and managed 17 shots of which only 3 were on target during their second match. Iran didn’t manage a shot on target during the entirety of the match but looked to score in the dying moments. Costa gave Spain the lead in the 54th minute when the ball ricocheted off him while being cleared. Spain still continued to follow their very successful ‘tiki-taka’ style of playing but unlike previous years, this had a bit more purpose. The passes were to the strikers rather than to the sides. Iran kept their concentration for the whole 90 minutes and defended in numbers. They even bulged the net but was later ruled off as offside. If there is in one thing that can be certain in this world cup it is that there are no underdogs, well at least there are no favorites and the displays of Germany, Columbia and Argentina are living examples of this. All the teams have worked hard to reach here and their efforts can be seen in the matches. They all know what is at stake here and are all fighting with equal vigor for the most prestigious prize football has to offer.

Spain and Portugal now top the table and they both play their last group match on Monday, which will decide the leaders of Group B.

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