Disclosing wedding expenses should be Mandatory: Supreme Court to Govt.

by National | 12-07-2018 | 758 views

New Delhi: To discourage the practice of dowry and ward off false cases registered under the dowry prohibition laws, the Supreme Court has recommended the central government to make it mandatory for families to submit wedding expenditure to the concerned marriage officer. The Apex court issued a notice to the centre in this regard and has further asked the Central Government for its views on the same.

“We may consider the question whether the details of expenditure incurred on marriage should be jointly furnished to the jurisdictional marriage officer to avoid future disputes about the allegation of demand of dowry”, quoting the Supreme Court’s order.

The apex court also suggested that a certain amount of the wedding expenditure should be deposited in the wife’s bank, for future use. “Future question whether a part of such expenditure should be kept in a deposit in the name of the wife may also be considered”, stated the order.

The court came upon this idea after observing that demand of dowry was a common feature in most of the marital disputes.

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