1968 plane crash: Body of soldier found after 50 years at the Dhaka Glacier

by National | 21-07-2018 | 1226 views

Uttarakashi: A team of mountaineers found the wreckage of an AN-12 aircraft of the Indian Air Force, crashed in 1968, and body of one the 102 soldiers on board at Dhaka glacier in Himachal Pradesh. The plane crashed in the lahaul valley of Himachal Pradesh while flying from Chandigarh to Leh on February 7th 1968.

"We first found some parts of the aircraft. Subsequently our team members spotted the decayed body of a soldier in metres away from the sport", Rajiv Rawat, who was leading a team of 11 climbers on cleanliness expedition, told media. The climbers alerted the army on July 16 about the discovery.

The Soviet Union -built aircraft had gone missing when the pilot had decided to turn back while approaching Leh due to bad weather. There were 98 passengers and 4 crew members onboard. A team of mountaineers from the ABV Institute of Mountaineering and Allied Sports has found some parts of the plane in 2003.

They had also found the remains of a body, subsequently identified as Sepoy Beli Ram, an army man who was on the flight. Three more bodies were recovered in 2007 by an Indian Army expedition code named Operation Punaruthan-II. Only 5 bodies were recovered between 2003 and 2017. It is believed that bodies other victims may also be lying in the area.

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