Earthquake in Rome

by International | 22-08-2017 | 810 views

Rome: A 4.0 magnitude earthquake had struck the Italian city. The tremor hit the northwest of the island of Ischia at 8:57 pm. The main earthquake was followed by 14 smaller aftershocks. It was Casamicciola and Lacco Ameno, two small communes that borne the brunt of the quake. A woman was killed in Casamicciola with the body of another spotted in the rubble of a collapsed house. Reports also claim of two children, aged 4 and 7, are trapped under a bed but are in touch with rescue workers by phone. It was their pregnant mother, healthy and safe, who raised the alarm. The father was rescued at 2:30am. Several buildings in the area collapsed and others had large, ominous cracks. Teams of firefighters, including two units specialized in extracting people from the rubble, were quickly mobilized.

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