Sexual Abuse of Children; 300 predator priests

by International | 15-08-2018 | 695 views

More than 300 “predator priests” were found to have committed sexual abuse in US, harming more than 1,000 children. According to a near-900-page report released by the state supreme court on Tuesday, it showcases how for decades one of the most powerful churches in the world hid the abuse and suffering of children. The incidents include a priest who impregnated a minor and helped her get an abortion.

The report stated that Church leaders protected the priests across six Catholic dioceses. More than a dozen priests appeared before the grand jury and “most of them admitted what they had done”, the report said. In addition to providing hundreds of pages detailing abuse by priests and how the church covered up such cases, the grand jury issued recommendations for how laws should now change. Their recommendations included eliminating criminal statute of limitations for sexually abusing children and expanding the pool of people who can make civil claims against the church.

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