Kerala; Avoid Visiting These Places

by Travel | 16-08-2018 | 5583 views

Kerala,  God's Own Country, becomes victims of natural disasters. It has been several days since it started raining heavily in Kerala. The central and the southern parts of Kerala are severely affected by the flood, which has resulted in numerous deaths and the displacement of the more than 1.5 lakh residents. Dams are brimming, houses are collapsing, rivers are overflowing and roads are submerging. So, if you are planning a trip to Kerala this month, then it is the time you reconsider your visit. Following are the major places which are badly affected by the flood. You must avoid visiting these flood-affected areas.


The roads are entirely filled with rainwater, people are stranded on the top of their buildings and divers and navy boats are on a rescue mission day and night. In the midst of all these unexpected and tragic incidents, how can you enjoy the lush greenery and the beautiful backwaters of Alleppey?


Another beautiful district of Kerala with natural as well as historical marvels, Kottayam seems like a stained beauty today. Several localities and small villages are submerged under the water, people are getting shifted to relief camps and crops have been destroyed in Kottayam. The nearby rivers like Meenachil and Manimala are brimming with water and everything around the district is witnessing the devastation of this flood. As per recent news, landslides are also happening in the hilly regions of Kottayam.


Ernakulam is badly hit by the flood. Trains have been suspended, more relief camps are set up and people are leaving their houses. With just an elevation of about 13 feet, Ernakulam is one of the low-lying areas in the central region of the state and hence it is heavily influenced by the flood. Each and every corner of this flood-affected region is screaming out due to the destruction. You can just find roads submerged in water, trees being uprooted and houses being collapsed.


Idukki is in the hands of catastrophe today. Idukki Dam, which has been opened after it was overflowing with rainwater, is spilling into Periyar river today. It is the third time after its formation when it is draining in the river. Earlier, it happened in the year 1981 and 1992. Even though only a few parts of Idukki have been hit by this natural calamity, it is still unsafe for a visit.


Pathanamthitta has become a large pool today. Each and every corner of this beautiful district can be seen submerged in the rainwater. People are locked up in their buildings and a massive rescue operation is going on to save everyone. So, avoid visiting Pathanamthitta .


Even though it is one of the last places to join the list of flood-affected areas in the state, the number of people displaced is more than several other regions. People are out on roads in the boats and are sailing towards a safer place.

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