Hajj; Over 1.28 lakh Indian pilgrims reach Saudi

by International | 19-08-2018 | 674 views

According to Reports, over 1.28 lakh Indian pilgrims have reached Saudi Arabia to perform the annual Hajj pilgrimage. A total of 1,28,702 Indian pilgrims are facilitated by the government to undertake the pilgrimage through the Hajj Committee this year. 466 flights have brought the Indian pilgrims to perform the annual Hajj pilgrimage and the last flight landed Friday morning, according to the Indian consulate in Jeddah. A record 1,75,025 Muslims from India are going to Hajj this year.

More than 47 per cent of the total number of pilgrims going for Hajj this year are women, which is the highest ever representation of women in Hajj from India. This is the first year when Hajj pilgrimage is taking place without being provided any subsidy. The pilgrimage represents one of the five pillars of Islam and is required of all able-bodied Muslims once in their life.

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