Kerala Flood; Expired Drugs And Used Clothes Trouble Volunteers

by Kerala | 21-08-2018 | 988 views

Thiruvananthapuram: The volunteers at Nishagandi collection centre are facing a major challenge in sorting the collected items as they are receiving a large quantity of used clothes and expired stuffs including medicines, baby foods, diapers, and ready to eat food items. According to a volunteer in charge of medicines section, plenty of expired medicines are arriving in boxes.

“Medicine is one of the major essential item needed in relief camps. We have a sincere request to the donors that not collect and donate items without checking the expiry dates”, she said. Not only expired medicines, bundles of unusable clothes are  arriving here. “From the beginning, we have urged people not to donate used  and dirty clothes. However, we are planning to make use of these clothes for cleaning purposes,” said volunteers. 

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