Asian Games 2018; Back-to-Back Events Create Ammunition Headache

by Sports | 22-08-2018 | 4123 views

Back-to-back scheduling of Asian Games and World Championships has forced the Indian shooting contingent to be frugal with the use of live ammunition. A shooter can only carry 5 kg of ammunition on international flights and they always have to be meticulous while planning for tournaments. The squad knew of the schedule (World Championships begin in Korea on 31 August) well in advance but the 5kg rules had led to shooters being more careful than ever.

"The 5kg ammunition per person is also inclusive of the packaging, so basically it comes down to 4.5kg. For a rifle/pistol shooter, that quantity equals to 1,200 shots, which is four days of training," pistol coach Ronak Pandit said. "Here the organisers are co-operating but in World Cup and World Championships, you need about 700 shots for unofficial training, pre event training, elimination, qualification and final. Our planning for events starts well in advance. There is no room for error," he said.

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