Navy rescued nearly 17,000 Keralites from floods

by Kerala | 27-08-2018 | 4017 views

According to Reports, the Indian Navy rescued nearly 17,000 people caught in gushing waters in flood-ravaged Kerala. Navy personnel who were part of the rescue mission code named "Op Madad" in Kerala, displayed their skills and courage in rescuing thousands of people, Commander Sridhar Warrier,said. In all, the Indian Navy rescued a total of 16,843 people, of which 1,173 were airlifted while 15,670 were rescued by teams using Gemini boats after Kerala experienced unprecedented rainfall, which resulted in widespread flooding.

Based on inputs from the state administration, as well as feedback from the teams on the ground, careful planning of the utilisation of resources available with the Command was done and teams were deployed in the general areas where distress calls were most concentrated, he said. "Once the resources available with the Southern Naval Command in terms of Gemini boats and divers were found to be falling short, additional resources were sought and promptly received from other Naval commands," Warrier said. SNC Headquarters also coordinated with the Air Force headquarters for the airlift of personnel and equipment from Mumbai and Visakhapatnam to Kochi.

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