Rohtak: Police can shoot at any sign of trouble

by National | 28-08-2017 | 334 views

Rohtak: The rape convict Gurmeet Singh will be sentenced this afternoon in Rohtak jail. The case has been turned into a fortress with multy-layered security and the police have warned that they may shoot at any sign of trouble. The order is expected after 2:30 pm.

Over a lakh of Dera chief’s followers had gathered in Panchkula, where the Judge had given Friday’s verdict and they ran a riot after Gurmeet was convicted. They burnt vehicles and had clash with police in deadly violence that left 38 people dead and over 250 injured. Thus, top officers have said anyone who tries to cause trouble could be shot.

Schools and colleges are closed today in Rohtak and large gatherings are banned. Though there is no curfew.

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