‘Fish Rain’ in Andhra Pradesh due to cyclone Phethai… Video

by National | 20-12-2018 | 1133 views

A video has surfaced online, showing a phenomenon called ‘fish rain’ in Amalapuram, Andhra Pradesh after cyclone Phethai on Monday. The video shows fish either dead or jumping in the puddles formed after the rains. As per the Meterological Department, this happens when strong winds sometimes carry displaced fish from water bodies and drop them on land. 

According to Dr. N M Krishna, a Senior Research Fellow at the Central Institute of Fisheries (CIFT) in Vishakapatnam, such incidents occur when rains are accompanied by strong and high speed winds. He added, “Winds and aeration of water in fish habitats and ponds can result in fluctuation of dissolved oxygen (DO). When DO level decreases, fishes will try to move out of ponds and may get displaced by winds”.

According to sources, a resident of Amalapuram captured the video on his phone and circulated it among his friends, which later spread on social media.

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