The horrible shootout in Newzealand

by Blog | 18-03-2019 | 8598 views

The world stood in shock and dismay upon the hearing of the shootout in New Zealand. This horrible act of violence was later glorified by a video taken by the shooter himself. Whatever reason he had for showcasing his actions there is absolutely no need to empathize with this monster.

For those who have seen this gruesome footage would know that not even a thought was shared for the women nor the children. He even took pleasure in repeatedly shooting the victims as if it was a token of his achievement. I spare no more words about this man which was not reciprocated by a majority of the New Zealand media which raised questions such as “what let the man to do the crime?” “what were the influences the current generation go through to plan and execute such an unspeakable and vile act?” The question I wish to raise is why was this man not branded as a terrorist and how do you condemn this atrocity as not terrorism? This is by no means spreading any political propaganda nor is it incarcerating any of the ideologies that the left or the right wing parties wishes to portray. It is a genuine doubt that arises in any self-righteous human being. I am sure no one would disagree with me if I say that if the man in question was a Black Muslim then branding him a terrorist would be a given and there would be no section of the crowd that wishes to understand why he acted the way he did

The past 2 days I have spent viewing all the media reports and interviews regarding this incident and the only positive thing that could be mentioned is of course the Prime Minister of the nation - Jacinda Ardern. She did not blame the opposition nor the history of the nation, she knew the topics to be addressed and the new schemes to be done which is why the gun control policy is now being forwarded in New Zealand. She also understood that her nation had people that justified this act and to them, she said" the strongest possible condemnation of the ideology of the people who did this you may have chosen as but we truly reject and condemn you"

We may not be able to uproot these ideals that have been strongly cemented in certain twisted individuals but we can assure a new generation whose minds are not tainted or tarnished by such atrocities. To those who still even if it is negligible and miniscule amounts believe what has happened was deserving to the victims due to their ethnicity, place of origin or religious belief need only know that The First victim of the terrorist attack in New Zealand is shown on the video greeting the Gunman with “Hello Brother” those were his last words. Love in the face of hate

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