Youngest Russian Olympic Gold medalist retires

by International | 30-08-2017 | 454 views

Russia : Youngest Russian winter Olympic gold medalist Yulia Lipnitskaya has retired at the age of 19 after being treated for anorexia. Her mother Daniela told that Ms lipnitskaya informed the Russian figure skating federation she was ending her career in April “after returning from Europe, where she underwent three-month treatment for anorexia”. This was the first official mention of her suffering from an eating disorder.

Ms Lipnitskaya had begun struggling with her weight and told that it was as if she had been “getting fat off the air” before she managed to start losing weight again. Photos of her showed that she had again gained weight, leading some social media users to wonder if she was pregnant. “Do I have to weigh 37 kilograms for the rest of my life for you to be happy?”- she responded.

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