Ranu Mondal attends event at beauty parlour; pic in heavy makeup goes viral

by Entertainment | 17-11-2019 | 15168 views

A picture of singer Ranu Mondal in heavy makeup has gone viral on Twitter. 

Ranu Mondal became an overnight sensation with a viral video and she once again became the talk of the town after a picture of her wearing make-up went viral. The horrendous make-up evoked a lot of comparisons with horror figures from popular movies and gave trolls fodder for memes. She was at a beauty parlour in Uttar Pradesh for its inauguration. 

Ranu’s make-up artist’s attempt to beautify and enhance the singer’s look resulted in using too much foundation and layers of make-up visible on her face. While some users made memes, others bashed the make-up artist for overdoing it. 

After several Twitter users trolled her, a user wrote, "I don't understand why everyone is making fun of #RanuMondal's make up. It's not like she did it herself or knows anything about it."

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