Pakistan PM wants to work with India on regional stability.

by International | 30-08-2017 | 288 views

Pakistan’s Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi intends to work  with arch-rival India to achieve peace across South Asia. Tensions have remained high since January last year when Pakistan-based insurgents attacked an Indian air base near the border, de-railing scheduled talks between the two countries.  A second raid by militants on an army camp in Kashmir last year prompted Indian Prime minister Narendra Modi to order an offensive on the Pakistan-controlled part of the disputed region and destroy camps it said were hosting terrorists. Pakistan denied India’s cross-border raid took place, though firing across the so-called “Line of control” is frequent.

“We intend to work with them to achieve stability in the region,” Abbasi, who took top office three weeks ago when his predecessor Nawas Sharif was ousted in July after a corruption investigation, said in an interview in Karachi late Saturday. “We will try to work with India, but they have not reciprocated as they should have.”



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