Kochi Metro allows passengers to carry sealed liquor bottles

by Kerala | 31-01-2020 | 8714 views

Kochi: Metro passengers can carry liquor bottles inside the train, provided they are sealed and within the permissible limit (below 1.5 litre). At present, sealed liquor bottles are not banned. The metro is one of the most people-friendly transport systems in the state and cannot deny passengers their rights), spokesperson of Kochi Metro said. "However, drinking inside the metro train or station or on its premises is an offense and will invite a penalty," the spokesperson added.

Earlier, some passengers who tried to carry sealed liquor bottles purchased from State Beverages Corporation outlets were stopped during the security check at the metro stations. To this, the official said, "Such incidents have not come to our notice. The policemen or security personnel were not asked to stop passengers carrying sealed liquor bottles within the permissible limit during security check. Security personnel will not allow anyone entry into the metro premises if the person is found extremely drunk at the time of security check."

The rule was made stricter after controversies erupted immediately post Kochi Metro’s launch when a hearing and speech impaired man who dozed off inside the train was mistaken to be drunk. "If a person is not extremely drunk, security personnel will not prevent him/her from travelling. However, the tickets of those who are highly intoxicated will be forfeited and they will be sent back. This is to ensure they do not interfere with the comfort of other passengers," he said.


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