Chevy Bolt EV to come earlier than expected

by Automotive | 30-08-2017 | 768 views

People who were waiting for the Chevy Bolt EV were thrilled when General motors started telling them much earlier than planned. Some of them might now have electric cars that could leave them stranded in the middle of nowhere. GM has admitted to Auto blog that a number of it earliest Bolts have Battery issues that could leave to “unexpected loss of propulsion”. The good news that only around one percent of the 10,000-or-so Bolts so, approximately 100 on the road are affected. Further, the automaker will fix it for customers at no cost.

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According to GM rep Chris Bonelli, some of the first units the company manufactured might show more range than they currently have due to lower battery voltage. In truth they could have very little charge and could run out of power without warning.

Bonelli said the problem can be fixed either by repairing faulty batteries or replacing them completely . GM has already gotten in touch with customers who might be affected by the issue and will arrange free service for them.


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