Had to spend my energies consoling fans: Singer Janaki on death hoax

by Entertainment | 01-07-2020 | 387 views

Legendary singer S Janaki recently hit the headlines after fake news about her death took social media by storm. The Legendary singer, who is referred respectfully as "Janakiamma", had fallen prey to a death hoax and the fake news had spread like wildfire all over. This is for the sixth time that speculations about S Janaki's fake death news have spread on social media. Finally, the legendary singer has decided to speak up on the same and has slammed the reports stating how people should check the facts before spreading it on Twitter. 
"Some jobless folks had spread the gossip about my death. I have had to spend my energies consoling worried fans who have been calling me up nonstop. This is the sixth time that the rumor mongers have killed me over the years," she was quoted as saying by IB Times. After getting a lot of calls regarding S Janaki's death rumours, SP Balasubrahmanyam took to Facebook and immediately clarified that she is fit and fine.
"Since morning I have received about twenty calls the welfare of Janaki amma. Somebody has in the social media or somehow said she is no more. What nonsense is it? I talked to her and she is doing very well. You see, what happens is, people love some artists to the core, they may have a heart attack. Please use social media for positivity, don't make fun of these things. Don't use social media for adverse things. Long live Janaki amma, she is very safe and very healthy," the singer shared a video of himself as he slammed rumours of S Janaki's death. 

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