Indian-led team develops cheap, electricity free centrifuge for COVID-19 testing

by Technology | 04-07-2020 | 1206 views

Researchers, led by Manu Prakash from Stanford University in the US, have developed a cheap, electricity free centrifuge to separate components in patient saliva samples for the detection of the novel coronavirus. The 'Handyfuge' device spins sample-containing tubes at very high speeds, enough to separate the virus genome from patient saliva samples, without needing electricity.

People need to wake up, data is not lying: WHO on rising COVID-19 cases

While talking about the countries hit by serious coronavirus outbreaks, WHO's emergencies chief Michael Ryan said, "People need to wake up. The data is not lying." Ryan further said that "too many countries are ignoring what the data is telling them". "You can't ignore the problem (COVID-19) either. The problem will not magically go away," he added.

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