Vikas Dubey killed in encounter as he tries to escape after car overturns

by National | 10-07-2020 | 1493 views

Dubey Vikas, a notorious Indian gangster accused of killing eight police officers, was shot dead on Friday morning after his arrest on Thursday.

The Uttar Pradesh police said the gangster was killed as he "attempted" to flee when one of the vehicles bringing him back to his home city of Kanpur overturned.

Dubey had allegedly snatched the pistol of an injured officer, fired at the police and died in retaliatory fire.

Dubey was arrested in the city of Ujjain in the state of Madhya Pradesh on Thursday morning after being on the run for almost a week. He was handed over to the police of his home state, Uttar Pradesh, early on Friday. 

Dubey was on the run from the police and fled to various places in five states before being captured in Madhya Pradesh. He was spotted at a guesthouse in Delhi on Wednesday before he was tracked down in Ujjain.

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