Policeman disposes dead body to get money; caught on camera

by National | 02-09-2017 | 712 views

Bihar: A policeman in Bihar shamelessly disposed a dead body for easy money.  The police officer and another person were caught on camera disposing a body in a river. The incident took place on Thursday when the unidentified body was found at Darbhanga railway station. As per the rules, if an unidentified body is found, Indian railways provide a sum of Rs  1500 to conduct the last rites of the dead. Tempted by the amount Awdesh Mishra and a driver of an ambulance in which the body was kept, decided to throw the body in Bagmati river on the Darbhanga road, to get their hands on money.

The incident was captured on camera by a passerby and later uploaded the video on social media sites triggering massive anger amongst people. The video went viral and the authority came to know it. The department suspended Awdesh Mishra.

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