Brain-eating amoeba found in Texas city's water supply; Governor issued a disaster declaration

by International | 29-09-2020 | 2363 views

Texas: An investigation into a 6-year-old boy's death led to the detection of a brain-eating amoeba in a Houston-area city's water supply, health officials confirmed this weekend. CBS affiliate KHOU-TV reported Josiah McIntyre was hospitalized earlier this month after contracting naegleria fowleri at either the Lake Jackson splashpad or a hose at his family's home.

The investigation into his Sept. 8 death led to the detection of the brain-eating amoeba after heath officials conducted water sample tests, Lake Jackson City Manager Modesto Mundo said in a news release Saturday. exclusive malayalam news

Three of 11 sample tests indicated preliminary positive results for the brain-eating microbe, with one sample coming from a hose bib at the boy's home, Mundo said.

"The notification to us at that time was that he has played at one of play fountains and he may have also played with a water hose at the home," City Manager Modesto Mundo said.

Governor Greg Abbott issued a disaster declaration on Sunday due to the brain-eating amoeba being found in the water supply.

On Saturday, environmental officials lifted a warning for Lake Jackson to stop using tap water because it might be tainted with a deadly brain-eating microbe, but with a warning that the water should be boiled before being consumed.  The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality also advised residents to prevent water from getting into their nose when bathing, showering, swimming and washing their face.

TCEQ said it is working with city officials to flush and disinfect the water system. Until the flushing and disinfecting process is complete, the city remains under the boil notice.

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