Tricks to speed up weight loss

by Health | 05-09-2017 | 488 views

People start working out to lose weight, the process begins at a slow pace. But there are some easy incredible tricks to speed up weight loss.

Eat snacks

When you keep munching at regular intervals, you wont feel too hungry and end up eating limited amount of food in your meals. Much healthy and nutritious snacks in between meals.

Weight training work out

Strength training is more helpful in boosting metabolism. It is far better to improve your metabolism at this stage as it is a long term change, unlike plain weight loss which might be short term.

Increase movements

Instead of limiting workout to the gym and specific hours, increase your body movement like taking the stairs, playing with kids in the park or cycling to get your groceries instead of going by car.

Change exercise

When you keep performing the same exercises over an extended period of time, our bodies adapt to the routine and we stop benefiting much from it. So better keep practicing different exercises  

Drink more water

Before taking a meal, a glass of water or sipping throughout will help in keeping you full for longer and prevent overeating. Do not bloat yourself with too much water.

Sound sleep

Sleeping more is not equal to being sluggish. It is an effective way to lose weight faster. It helps to boost metabolism and will help you to burn more calories. It controls your hormones and increase energy.

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