Varanasi: Slum Demolished for Upadhyaya Memorial Leaves Hundreds Homeless

by National | 01-12-2020 | 866 views

New Delhi: Two days before the inauguration of the statue of Prime Minister Narendra Modi's Dean Dayal Upadhyay in February, 250 people were left homeless in Varanasi. Since then, they have been forced to stay on footpaths and temples in the area, the National Herald reported. Varanasi is Modi's Lok Sabha constituency.

The 63 feet tall statue is located on the banks of the river Ganga at Padao near the Rajghat Bridge.

Families who have lived there for 60 years have complained that the local government has not provided them with alternative accommodation.

One of the slum dwellers who lost their homes told the week that their huts had been destroyed to beautify the area before Modi's visit. However, they were told that they could return within two days and rebuild their huts, but now the government is not allowing them to return.

Authorities have not yet responded to letters or complaints from victims.

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