Research: Zika virus could treat brain cancer

by Health | 06-09-2017 | 494 views

Washington : Zika virus is notorious for causing devastating damage to the brains of unborn babies. But it can kill deadly brain cancer cells that are most resistant to standard treatments, scientists have found. The findings may pave the way for an effective treatment for glioblastoma, a deadly form of brain cancer that is most often fatal within a year of diagnosis.

The research suggests that the lethal power of the virus-known for infecting and killing cells in the brains of fetuses, causing babies to be born with tiny, deformed heads- could be directed at malignant cells in the brain. Doing so potentially could improve people’s chances against glioblastama.

“We showed that Zika virus can kill the kind of glioblastoma cells that tend to be resistant to current treatments and lead to death,” said Michael s Diamond, professor at Washington University in the US.

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