Sri Lanka coach praises Indian cricket team

by Sports | 07-09-2017 | 584 views

Sri Lanka interim coach Nic Pothas believes India is a ruthless side and his team needs to learn from the work ethic created by skipper Virat Kohli. India completed a tour sweep on Wednesday by winning the lone T20I match by six wickets. The visitors had previously swept the Last series 3-0 and the ODI series 5-0.  India win Colombo by 7 Wickets. Pothas said “ first and foremost we have got to put everything in perspective. We are a side that’s developing. India is a side that is complete and a side with immense quality. It’s always going to be tough to complete against them, or to try and beat them.  “ we just may be needed to complete a little bit more. I think it would be wrong of us not to learn off them. They do so many things very well. Most of them are just basics.

“you see how Virat Kohili runs between the wickets. You see the respect he commands on the field as a leader. He’s a role model to people and he pulls people with him.” Pothan said.

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