Greater height comes, greater a risk of heart attacks- New study

by Health | 07-09-2017 | 1721 views

Study finds that with greater height comes greater a risk of heart attacks and strokes. A study of 2.7 million people found that taller people are far more likely to develop blood clots in their veins, which is a leading cause of heart problems.

The study, which also compared siblings to rule out genetic factors, found a direct correlation between height and risk of venous thrombo embolism. According to the study, men who were shorter than 5’3’ were 65 per cent cent less likely to develop a venous blood clot than those who were taller than 6’2’. Similarly, women who were shorter than 5’1’ were 69 per cent less likely to develop a clot than those who measured 6 feet or taller.

Taller individuals have longer leg veins there is more surface area where problems can occur. He went on to add that there is more gravitational pressure in leg veins of taller persons that can increase the risk of blood flow slowing or temporarily stopping. Blood clots in the veins-including deep vein thrombosis are the the third biggest cause of heart attacks and strokes.

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