Saddened by this mob violence: Mark Zuckerberg on US Capitol violence

by International | 07-01-2021 | 1263 views

Condemning the violence that occurred at the US Capitol, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said that it was "a dark moment" in US history. "I'm personally saddened by this mob violence - which is exactly what this is," Zuckerberg wrote in a memo to his staff. He further said that peaceful transition of power is critical to the functioning of democracy.

US diplomats asked to stop social media posts after US Capitol violence: Report

US State Department has reportedly asked diplomats overseas to suspend all social media posts after President Donald Trump's supporters stormed the US Capitol on Wednesday. They've been asked to remove scheduled content for Facebook and Twitter, reported CNN. The State Department has only retweeted a thread by Secretary of State Michael Pompeo's account saying, the violence was unacceptable.

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