Foreigners can eat beef in their country and come to India K J Alphons

by National | 08-09-2017 | 446 views

Union tourism minister KJ Alphons advised foreign tourist to eat beef in their country and not in India. When asked by reporters at a convention of the Indian Association of Tour Operators in Bhubaneswar on whether a crackdown on beef consumption was adversely affecting tourism in the country. Alphons said “ They can eat beef in their country and come to India.”

The new minister after taking over had defended beef-eating in states like Kerala and Goa. “In Goa, ruled by BJP, people continue to eat beef. Kerala will also continue to eat beef, BJP doesn’t really have a problem with that,” he said. But when reminded on Thursday about his earlier statements, he appeared to be dismissive.

The minister told the convention that India is the oldest civilization and the whole world should come and see us. “We have to love our history and our country. We have to tell them..look here, this is a beautiful country”-  he said.

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