Don't know Rihanna or Greta but welcome their support: Rakesh Tikait

by National | 05-02-2021 | 2356 views

Bharatiya Kisan Union (BKU) leader Rakesh Tikait has said that he doesn't know American pop singer Rihanna or Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg but welcomed the support from international artists and activists. "If some foreigner is supporting the [farmers'] movement, then what is the problem? They are not giving us or taking anything away from us," he added.

Pictures of Kamala Harris' niece burnt for speaking on farmers

Activists from United Hindu Front burnt posters of US Vice President Kamala Harris' niece Meena Harris in Delhi after she expressed outrage over "India's internet shutdowns and paramilitary violence against farmer protesters".

"I spoke out in support of human rights for Indian farmers, and look at the response," she reacted. "I won't be intimidated...I won't be silenced," she added.

Red Fort violence evoked similar reactions as US Capitol Hill riots

The Ministry of External Affairs said that violence at Red Fort on January 26 evoked similar sentiments and reactions as the Capitol Hill riots in the US. India's comments came after the US said peaceful protests and unhindered access to information, including the internet, were hallmarks of a "thriving democracy". The US encouraged a "dialogue" between farmers and the government.

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