Don't politicise development of J&K, Ladakh: Amit Shah to Opp'n

by National | 13-02-2021 | 3502 views

NewDelhi: Union Home Minister Amit Shah, while speaking in Lok Sabha, on Saturday said that those who governed J&K for generations are not fit to demand an account of the BJP government's work since abrogation of Article 370. He added, "It's been 17 months since...abrogation and you are demanding...account for it. Did you bring the account of...[your work] for 70 years?"

Amit Shah asked the Opposition parties not to politicise the development of the union territories of Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh. "This House's responsibility is to comfort them, not scrape their wounds," the Home Minister said. He added that Jammu and Kashmir will be given statehood "at an appropriate time".

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