I will make palakkad one of the best constituency in India: E Sreedaran

by Kerala | 25-03-2021 | 472 views

Palakkad: Metroman E sreedaran had a big plan about his constituency. He said that people wants good roads , better transportation, better waste management system and better water supply at once.

He assured his voters that if he wins the election, he would make Palakkad one of the best constituency in India with in 2 year span. As we know that Kerala is one of the toppest state in India on literacy.

But there are people living in this state with out jobs. The real fact behind this issue is that there are having not enough industries settled in here. All this issues will be solved , he said.

Many of them working from Palakkad working in other states had pointed out this disadvantage. This people believed that the problem will be resolved only after my win. I have been the tremendous experience in working other parts of the country.

And also have the habit of implementing big projects for the infrastructure development of the country. Sreedaran added , he entered in to the politics to utilise this experiences to provide better living condition of people. He had came to Kerala in 2011 and collaborated both left and right governments.

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