Women entry is a greatest disaster event happened in Sabarimala: NDA candidate Krishna kumar

by Politics | 25-03-2021 | 6233 views

Thiruvananthapuram: I am more happy that all of them says, there will be a triangular contest is being witnessed in Trivandrum constituency said NDA canditate actor Krishna kumar.

He said, he was not a parachutist to spend money for buying peanuts in coastal areas.

The Left and right fronts will be collapsed if the coastal area desert them before election.

The actor said his name was raised by trolls. But i never mind all those things , i must pray for the good health of troller.

There are a bunch of trolls against me that they fear my win in the election polls. Narendra modi is an excellent leader in our country. Women entry in sabarimala was a greatest disaster event happened in this decades. Many people in the film industry thinking that campaigning for BJP is a such a stupid mistake committed by me, he added.

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