Michel warne replying to fan un happy with ECB 100 ball format

by Sports | 26-03-2021 | 309 views

The Hundread ball format has been captualised by ECB accepts criricism from various sides. It is an upcoming tournament set to be played in a 100 ball format.

The opening edition of this tournament is set to be commenced on July 21 and it will be played by eight teams both men's and women's tournament.

However this decision by the ECB has not been welcomed by the English fans. Recently an English cricket fan lashed out at former England captian Michel vaughan for backing ECB's step to offer BCCI a stake in the hundread. He wrote to vaughn that is a stupid move. But Vaughn replied him that he wants Indian investment in to this format and it would be a very smart business move. If you don't want to watch this format, please go other games.

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