Serial killer who has been in death row dies at Indiana hospital

by International | 29-03-2021 | 3719 views

A convicted serial killer who were killed two young boys died yesterday at Indiana hospital, authorities revealed. Joseph Edward Duncan who has been in Death row was died at Medical centre near United states Penitentiary, Terre haute. Duncan whose victims were four members of family from Coure d' Alene, Idaho in 2005.

He had kidnapped two children, Dylan and Shasta Groene, from the family home and been torutured them in Montana before killing the boy.

Shasta Groene was the only survivor from the Duncan's hands escaped from him when he droped the car and check in a restaurant for eating food in Coeur d' Alene and staff recognised the girl and exchanged her to cops.

Follow up that conviction, he extradited to California and to be tried for the death of a 10 year boy. Duncan who was born in Tacoma, Washington linked by DNA to the killing. He had been pleaded for guilty and awarded sentence of life in prison.

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