CPM Leaders are ready to sell the party slams V Muraleedaran

by Politics | 29-03-2021 | 6241 views

Thiruvananthapuram: Union Minister and BJP leader V Muraleedaran alleged that CPM leaders in Kerala are all set to sell the party. He was clearlt reacting to Chief Minister allegation about CO-LE-B alliance Kerala.

Muralidaran remarks becoming break up among the CPM party leaders that they are in tight rush to woo votes for assembly elections in Kerala.

We can see the last assembly elections in Tamil Nadu, CPM taken money from DMK to contest in alliance. This will happen in Kerala if the condition go worse. Pinarayi must keep decency before making cheap comments added Muraleedaran sighting the Co-LE-B allegation of CM. He also made response to Jose K Mani's Love Jihad comment.

He said Jose K Mani expressed the anxiety of christian community over Love Jihad. They are not getting justice from both fronts. So CPM and congress do rethink to resolve this crises, he concluded.

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