If Gangs come to my home I would shoot them with my AR-15 says Lindsay Graham

by International | 29-03-2021 | 3789 views

If you assume an event of natural disaster hits South Carolina, you can't neccessarily expect to see Senate Lindsay Graham helping dig survivors out of trouble.

The Senator has indicated that he would instead be at the home with his AR - 15 should have been ready to pick off looting gang presumably at least partly made up of his own constituents.

He said if there is a natural disaster break out in South Carolina the cops fail to protect the neighborhood , my house will be the last one , the gang will come to, because i should defend myself. Graham was responding to wallace's question about his home protecting plans in the gun control debate. Wallace's question was about to the recent mass shootings take place in US. The South Carolina Republican has an opposing argument against banning assault rifles. Any how, many critics come up on twitter and appalled that the US senator has such a chilly view of his constituents.

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