Modi - Priyanka arriving in Kerala Today ; Leaders aiming at boosting the election campaigns in Kerala

by Kerala | 30-03-2021 | 428 views

Kollam: For boosting the election campaigns in Kerala both PM Modi and Priyanka Gandhi will be rushed in to Kerala today.

PM arriving in a charted Helicopter will be landed on special helipad arranged at Indira Gandhi stadium around at 10.45 am. PM Modi will reach the Palakkad constituency to give impetus support for the NDA candiate E.Sreedaran.

After the arrival he will go to the Kotta maithanam there he will address the Public as part of election rally. BJP state secretary will be in presiding chair in the function.

Like wise Priyanka Gandhi reach the capital city at 10.45 am in the special flight, from there she will go to KayamKulam.

She will be in Alapuzha, Trivandrum and Kollam today. Then she will be attended the road shows in several parts of constituencies and address the rallies over there. She will campaign in Thrissur on wednesday. Both the rival parties want the senior central leadership's presence in these election for booking more votes from voters in Kerala.

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