Minister M.M Mani stunts the battle, over Sabarimala issue Kadannapalli won't express the regrets; Do you think CM has any role in it? It is utter foolishness

by Kerala | 30-03-2021 | 274 views

Minister M.M Mani with his own personal style expressed his remarks on Sabarimala issue.

As he said that Kadakampalli won't regrets on that matter, CM had not assigned anyone to say regrets on Sabarimala issue. At now, this case is before Supreme court then who has the authority to say what happened.

It is foolishness. As far as his concern, CPM party has no role with his regret. General Secretary Sitharam Yechuri had earlier told what is Party' policy following on this matter.

I am having the same opinion. He taken the statement from CPI leader Annie Raja and said The Left policy and the Kerala ministers wordings on Sabarimala issue is quite different , that is true.

The Left front has our own stand in it. He was spoke to an interview in private channel. Kadakampalli who is contesting from Kazhakootam constituency has expressed regrets on Sabarimala issue. His regrets put CPM on defensive by the opponents in their electoioneering.

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