How bad Presidency Donald Trump was: Pew analysis

by International | 30-03-2021 | 3833 views

Trumb if he left the Presidency but his Performance who he was is behind us. The debate to find out how bad President he was has begun. Currently the ranks set in and the feed back collected are not support for the billionaire businessesman.

A total of 53% of those who have polled say the Trump was either a terrible (41%) poor (12%) President , while 35% call him either great (18%) or good (17%). As expecting likewise, how you feel about Trump's Presidency is largely dependent on the party with which you identify.

Almost on the Poll contest 9 out 10 say Trump was really terrible (72%) or poor(17%) President. More than 6 in 10 Republicans call Trump a great (37%) or good (36%) President. In this we could come to conclusion that till Republicans have no good report over his Presidency. It's too early to draw a line about Trump's legacy and how history will remember him, this poll is quite far from telling the 45 th President may wind up toward the bottom of rankings 44 men who have held the same office. And these rankings don't yet count President Joe Biden having the office now.

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