Cast only one vote; High Court Directs EC

by Kerala | 31-03-2021 | 557 views

Kochi: The Kerala high court has been given direction to Election Commission that to make sure those people who have been casting multiple votes must cast only one votes.

The Court accepts the guideline of EC regarding vote rigging issue. Meantime, the EC can seek the help of central police forces in order to conduct fair election.

The list of people who has double votes will be given to Booth presiding officer, booth level officers will directly visit the residence of this people. The list of double voters had prepared in all constituencies and it will handed over to the Election Commission.

The court further directed that if a person having multiple votes reach the polling station, his photo should be taken and an affidavit should be received from them. Also those people should be having allowed to leave the booth only after the indelible mark is dried smeared on the finger. The Court issued direction in regards of complaint filed by opposition leader Chennithala on rigged votes.

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