'I cried for two weeks'; Britney Spears respond about her documentary

by Entertainment | 31-03-2021 | 590 views

Britney Spear the famous Pop singer said she was continued crying for two weeks after watching high profile documentary which explored her carrer.

Framing Britney spears on Premier examined Pop superstar rise in music industry, her treatment at the hands of Tabloids, her involuntary committing to a Psychiatric ward in 2008.

And the subsequent conservatorship given to her father that had him oversee her finances and personal affairs since 2008.

Britney 39, had put out a statement on Tuesday night via instagram "I did not watch the documentary" but what she has seen of it left her, embarrassed by the light they put me in. "I cried for two weeks and it still continuing."

The statement was tagged with a video of pop star dancing with the Aerosmith song crazy.

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