Worried about COVID-19 situation in India; time for world to help India: UNGA chief

by International | 28-04-2021 | 4511 views

President of the UN General Assembly Volkan Bozkir on Tuesday tweeted, "I'm worried about the COVID-19 situation in India, a country which did so much to ensure #Vaccines4All in vulnerable countries." "It's time for the world to extend aid & support to India. My thoughts are with India & the Indian people," he further wrote.

The Australian government on Tuesday said it will provide emergency medical supplies to India amid a surge in coronavirus cases here. Australia said it will 'rapidly deploy' 500 non-invasive ventilators in India, with a capacity to deploy up to 3,000 ventilators. It will also send "a significant package" of personal protective equipment (PPE) including one million surgical masks.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issued guidelines for people who're fully vaccinated against COVID-19 in US. Fully vaccinated people can visit other fully vaccinated people indoors without masks. They can visit unvaccinated people from a single household who're at low risk indoors without wearing masks and can participate in outdoor activities without a mask, except in crowded settings.

US' CDC has released a list of "less safe" and "least safe" activities for unvaccinated people (wearing a mask) amid COVID-19. "Less safe" activities include going to uncrowded shopping center, and riding public transport with limited occupancy. "Least safe" activities include going to an indoor movie theatre, eating at an indoor restaurant, and attending a crowded event.

The World Health Organization said it's stepping up efforts to help India as hospitals there struggled to cope with a huge surge in COVID-19 cases. WHO spokesman Tarik Jasarevic said, "We're working with...government to bring in essential supplies like oxygen and alleviate the immediate situation." The WHO was providing 4,000 oxygen concentrators, which only require an energy source, he added.

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