Drink, drugs and wild partying kills me, says Sid Owen

by Entertainment | 31-07-2021 | 869 views

The star 49, who has battled with drug habit after having a tough childhood says "he is more proud that he is still alive." In a sensational interview, he admits he was lapped it up when female soaps fan threw at him.

The East enders actor 49, says he needs a rehab to beat a £ 200 - a night cocaine habit admitting that "My job is more than just going out getting off my face."

Popular Sid who has played Ricky Butcher also says smocked at the age of four and boozed at 12. "I have no regrets not even sex in Tesco".

Growing up in that environment with no parents you are bound to go with all mental health issues. The only thing that keep me sane is fitness. And trying to be good with people. He reveals all these things in his autobiography from Rags to Ricky.

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