You brighten my life, my Snow Jaan, says Rushda Rahman

by Entertainment | 02-08-2021 | 1420 views

Cats are more notoriously complex creatures whichever the owners are often eager to find out how they behave crucially and how to earn their affections.

Here a cat loving girl showing her more affection to cat with unparalled words and posting a picture of her at Instagram.

She is none other than Rushda Rahman, Malayalam movies ever green Romantic hero Rahman's daughter. The actor's family had a clowder of cats.

Snow is one of them. Snow is a she-cat and have a wonderfully unique personality. She is incredibly subtle at expressing her likes and dislikes.

And also her behaviour cannot be ignored or misunderstood completely by Rahman's family.

Rushda better understand how snow feels and how she interact together and roaming around her happy aswellas relaxed. Rushda knows snow's behaviour and body language while she being very vocal.

Snow loves being touched at the base of her ears and around their cheeks and under their chin. Yes ! She is very attention seeker and always rub my face whenever i do work at home says Rushda Rahman. Rushda Rahman completed her MBA graduation and now concentrating in marketing and finance. She loves acting and can see her debut in movie industry soon like her father.

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