International Youth Day

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The United Nations celebrates August 12 as Youth Day to shed light on the cultural and political issues facing young people. The day has been celebrated since 2000. The message for the Day is 'Transformation of the Food System: Innovation for Youth for Human and Earth Health'. The day examines how to increase the representation of young people in the political arena.

History of International Youth Day:

In recognition of the need for youth participation in the nation-building process, the United Nations General Assembly adopted World Youth Day on December 17, 1999 by 120 votes to 54. It was decided to celebrate International Youth Day on August 12.
Thus, on August 12, 2000, International Youth Day was celebrated for the first time in most countries of the world. Seeing the response, other countries took the initiative to celebrate World Youth Day. It should be noted that the United Nations has declared 1985 as the International Year of Youth.

What is needed? 

The main objective of International Youth Day is to ensure the role of youth in the sustainable development of the country and to provide them with education and employment according to their qualifications. Today, in the context of the challenges posed by Corona, as unemployment rises, young people suffer the most. Every Youth Day is a call to achieve the social and economic development goals of the youth. The celebration of International Youth Day means that the Central and State Governments should take seriously the basic problems of the youth, their education and employment. The development of the country is possible only through the development of the youth. This day is very important for India. This is because the number of young people in India is higher than the world average.

International Youth Day in India :

India is a developing country. It is the second largest country in the world by population. India is also known as a country of youth. According to the United Nations, about 600 million people are between the ages of 25 and 30. This condition will continue for the next 20 to 25 years.With the power of youth, India can leap to new heights in the economy. But the country can only move forward if it overcomes the unemployment problem facing India's youth.

According to figures released by the Indian Statistical Department, the number of unemployed in the country is steadily rising. Currently, the number of unemployed in the country is over 11.3 crore. 748 crore people between the ages of 15 and 60 are unemployed. Statistics show that this is 15 percent of the workforce. The census categorizes the unemployed into housewives, students, and others.

In the 2001 census, 23 percent of the population was unemployed, while in the 2011 census their number increased to 28 percent. Unemployed youth will be disappointed. In such a situation, the youth force is likely to be abused. Disappointed young people may go through the path of crime. They may also have committed crimes as victims of drug abuse. Unfortunately, young people are responsible for more than 70 percent of all criminal activity in the country. During the Corona era, the Central and State Governments have come up with a number of schemes to accelerate employment and private business.

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