Toyota Introduces Virtual Showroom To Expand Customer Purchasing Experience

by Automotive | 13-08-2021 | 152 views

Last year, car dealerships closed due to the Covid-19 epidemic, and most manufacturers launched a variety of platforms for consumers.

Through them you can handle the procedures of buying a car online and complete the booking. Now, Toyota has launched a new venture called 'Virtual Showroom' to further enhance their purchasing experience.This is to provide a better purchasing experience for customers who are unable to come to the dealership for a variety of reasons.

For this, customers do not have to download any application from the App Store. All they have to do is visit a website. The URL of the website is It can be accessed from any device, be it your laptop, mobile phone, tablet or computer.

The website already has an integrated payment gateway so customers can make payments easily. In addition, Toyota will add finance options, offers, loan applications and other services. Here you can find all the Toyota vehicles currently sold in the country.

Customers will get a 360-degree exterior and interior view of the vehicle, with doors opening and closing, variant-wise prices and vehicle-specific features. All Toyota dealers are already integrated into the platform.

You can change the color, variation, and background, turn the headlamps on and off, open and close the doors, and climb into the interior. The same facilities are available for the interior. The customer can book a test drive or book a vehicle from this page.

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