Oil spills into the sea; Cargo ship splits in two off Japan coast

by International | 13-08-2021 | 649 views

A cargo ship after running aground in a northern Japanese port and is spilling  an oil leak. The oil leak from the ship reportedly spread around 24 km Crew of the cargo ship was taken to safety by the coastguard.

Stern of crimson polaris was seen tipped upwards in aerial visuals. The incident took place in Hachinohe port in Aomori on Wednesday. Three patrol boats, three aircraft were sent after the incident.

Authorities are trying to control fuel leak; extent of environmental impact unknown. Pictures taken by the Coast Guard showed the 39,910-tonne Panamanian ship-Crimson Polaris-split in two parts, with the cargo ship’s hind section floating in the sea. Efforts are being made to bring the oil leak under control, officials said.

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